Personal Loans for Good Credit

Personal Loans for Good Credit
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Last Updated 17.11.2022
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The credit bureau TransUnion informs $167 billion of consumer debt generated by personal loans for good credit and bad credit scores by the end of 2021. This is a significant increase compared with earlier periods. So, why are personal loans in higher demand now?

Of course, the lack of cash to make purchases is the main reason. As a rule, people need more material benefits faster than they earn money. Hence, they go to a bank, credit union, or online lender to borrow money on relatively acceptable terms.

It should be said that personal loans are a painless form of credit. It allows installments and may last for three, five, and even seven years. In turn, tough competition in the market results in the abundance of lenders, providing greater flexibility in the conditions attached to loan agreements. Besides, personal loans don’t require pledging your property in most cases.

Finally, this type of credit features lower interest rates than, for example, payday loans. As a rule, those rates are stable and hardly prone to regular economic changes. Besides, interest fees vary from one lender to another because lenders target different audiences. For instance, this post deals with those having a high credit rate.

So, let’s see how to choose the best lender and get the most affordable personal loans with good credit.

What Is a Good Credit Score for a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are different in their flexibility. They cater to any budget, allowing even people with a complicated credit history or its full absence to get money. However, with a good credit score, you may count on the best financial product possible. Thus, you can make necessary purchases, re-design your interior, buy a tour, pay education or medical bills, or consolidate debts painlessly. Loyal terms boost your ability to pay back on time and even prepay your debt.

What Is a Credit Score all About?

A credit score is a number of points that indicates a borrower’s financial capability to handle debts. As a rule, the following factors influence your score:

  • Whether you pay rent, utility, and other bills without delays.
  • How much money do you currently owe various financial institutions?
  • The number of active credit accounts.
  • Your credit accounts’ “age.”
  • How much credit money do you use concerning established limits?
  • How many loan applications do you have?
  • Whether you’ve faced bankruptcy or dealt with collectors.

Thus, lenders consider each point before deciding on approving your request, setting interest rates, and a credit limit. Generally, the credit rate ranges between 350 and 800. If your score exceeds 600, there is no need to worry about soft loans.

Don be scared when seeing slightly different numbers when checking your credit score. The point is that each lender and financial organization follow its own calculation rules.

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What Are the Rates On Good Credit Loans?

The best lending companies always help borrowers make smart financial decisions. So, they allow borrowing lump sums at low-interest rates if you have a good credit score over 600. So, what can a customer count on when applying for a personal loan for good credit?

Generally, rates range from 3% to 36% to date. Of course, your high credit score makes you closer to the first number, allowing you to qualify for the lowest rates. Now, let’s see your predictable score-to-interest rate ratio:

  • 720–850: 10.3%-12.5%
  • 690–719: 13.5%-15.5%
  • 630–689: 17.8%-19.9%
  • 300–629: 28.5%-32.0%

So, your chances are good, meaning 12.5%–19.9%. However, that data is approximate since much depends on a lender, including its policies and rules. For instance, online companies like America Cash offer many extras to those with a good credit score to keep prospective customers who will pay debts on time. This way, people access discounts and supplementary benefits.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan with Excellent Credit?

You have an excellent score rate if it ranges from 720 to 850. So, your score works for you, decreasing the annual percentage rate by 10.3% and even lower. In this case, you should find a lender focused on excellent scores followed by lucratively low claimed interest rates. Now, let’s see how to apply.

As a rule, checking your credit is the first step. However, when knowing its excellent rate, you may skip and start with the second phase.

  • Take a preliminary approval

This step ensures you will qualify without real applications that affect your credit score. Thus, you should share the information with the lender to get several offers to choose from. In this way, you get an idea of your chances. But, of course, this is not a real approval. Still, the processing is helpful because it allows sticking to the best terms possible. Usually, a lender asks you to tell about the amount you need, the purpose of use, pure income minus utility bills and rents, job, and other basics.

  • Compare loan options

Note that not only interest rates matter. Here are other factors to consider before signing the agreement:

  • Overall rating and lender’s reputation
  • Loan amount
  • Term length
  • Annual income requirements
  • Origination fees

More factors may influence your decision. So, research and pay attention to expert reviews before dealing with a particular company.

  • Complete your application

Once you finish the comparison and pick the best suitable offer, it’s time to get official approval. To that end, submit all required information. You should often provide monthly housing costs, pass ID and income verification, and specify your Social Security number. Of course, this stage implies that a lender pulls a hard inquiry to be approved. Of course, this step will damage your credit score but not in the long run.

  • Close the deal

When a lender approves your application, you get a final set of papers to clarify the terms and sign the agreement. Then, the borrowed money will fund your bank account within a business day.

Get a Payday Loan You Need
Get a Payday Loan You Need
Get a Payday Loan You Need

Best Way to Get a Personal Loan with Good Credit

There are many personal loan options for good credit in the modern financial market. Banks, credit unions, and online lending companies are the most popular variant when looking for acceptable deals. Let’s dive into details.

When thinking of a reliable provider, banks are off the top of our heads. Banks are credible, well-established, and stable, making people choose their services to feel safe. Although they feature strict qualification requirements, those with excellent and good credit scores have nothing to fear. If you feel more comfortable dealing face to face, the national bank meets your needs with multiple branches everywhere. So, you will easily find a loan nearby.

Credit unions are hardly accessible. However, you should be a part of a specific community to obtain a loan. Credit unions are non-profit organizations serving those employed by a particular organization. Those lenders’ biggest flaw is their small potential and limited locations. However, many credit unions started merging into large networks to allow borrowers to obtain loans and make repayments across the country.

Online lenders might become the best option due to their instant services and competitive offers. As a rule, they provide online calculators and easier application processes. Besides, they feature lower fees since they don’t have to pay for managing offline offices.

Personal Loan Companies for Good Credit

The best lending companies feature a wide APR range and minimum requirements for an excellent credit score. In addition, many lenders provide next-day funding and have the autopay option to avoid delayed repayments.

Apart from attractive offers, decent lending companies are remarkable for good standing, a painless application process, and a low general loan cost. As a result, customers report positive experiences, getting the necessary amounts trouble-free.

Of course, so many options might seem overwhelming. Hence, compare lenders to obtain the most affordable personal loan. For example, you should consider the purpose of your credit since many lenders restrict loans’ use. Then, extra fees matter. While some companies practice prepayment penalties or origination fees, others are notable for fee-free services.

In any case, a preliminary qualification is the best way to compare loans. This approach allows borrowers to test the waters and find the most beneficial terms without a hard inquiry and credit score damage.

Pros and Cons of a Personal Loan for Excellent Credit: Should You Apply?

Personal loans for excellent credit are not perfect, with advantages and drawbacks. So, you should consider the following information to outweigh the pluses and minuses for a smart and money-saving decision:


  • Flexible rates
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Higher limits
  • No pledged property
  • Easy management
  • Long terms


  • High penalties
  • Possibly high origination fees

Although a personal loan seems attractive, you should decide whether it is right. If your score is ideal and you need money as soon as possible, this credit format is a decent alternative. Besides, it will definitely work for those trying to pay off more expensive loans or need money for emergency expenses. However, no debt is a perfect solution for all times.

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