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About Us
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Why Choose Us?

America Cash makes it easy for consumers who want to borrow money. We work with thousands of people each week and help them to find money to address different financial emergencies. Our team is quick, and the loan application process is secure and available online. We choose direct lenders who will give you a fast response, which is important if you need the money quickly. Among the benefits of choosing our service include:

  • Simple and Convenient Process – We understand getting cash quickly is hard sometimes. It’s not always an option to borrow from a bank, especially if you have bad credit. Our service connects you with lenders who offer a simple and straightforward loan request process. For most lenders, all you need is to fill out an online loan request form and submit your information. This is possible even if you have bad credit.
  • Transparent Process – If you’re using our service, we maintain transparency to help you find the deals that will help you solve your problems quickly. Completing the loan request is easy and there are no hidden fees. Our team is passionate and committed to helping you find help when you need money quickly. These are some of the reasons we continue to grow to become one of the leading companies in the lending industry.
  • Security and Safety – At 1stAmericanLoan.com, we use algorithms and encrypt all connections, which means your personal information is protected. If there’s sensitive information, our system will purge it regularly to ensure security at all times. Also, we ensure our encryption technology, firewalls, and server security is up to date.
  • Premium Options – We believe in referring you to the best direct lenders on the internet. To get a lender, you can send a request from the comfort of your home using America Cash. We offer options to reduce the stress and time in finding assistance when you need to borrow money quickly.
  • 5-Minute Loan Application Form – You can apply for a loan in under 10 minutes, as there are not many documents you need to submit a loan request. Most lenders only require you to upload proof of income, documents to prove you meet the minimum age requirements, and checking account details.

Who We Are

There are different things in life you cannot predict, but being prepared for when such things happen is important. For example, you might get into a financial emergency when you’re least prepared. In situations like this, our service is an ideal solution to get you out of the sticky situation. We’re a lending network that will connect you with direct lenders near you when you need cash quickly. Our service helps you find assistance when you need money urgently, and we have direct lenders in all states, so you can always find help near you.

What makes us a valuable solution is that we’re one of the top providers of online loans, including title loans, payday loans, installment loans, and loans for bad credit. For these products, you don’t need excellent credit as most lenders consider your ability to repay the debt. This means if your income is sufficient, we can connect you with a lender who will approve you for the money you need. Simply explore the options on our platform to find a lender near you who can help you address any financial emergency.

Our lenders are focused on offering personal emergency loans. We have experienced staff, who monitor lending practices to ensure you only find lenders who are rated excellently.

Submit a loan request and we will help you process it quickly. Keep in mind, that not everyone can qualify for the loan, so only use the service if you’re sure you can repay the debt. Talk to your loan representative to know about all the fees involved before you accept the loan.

Our Main Services

To help you when you need money urgently, we offer different classes of services for short-term online loans. In partnership with the best lenders, here are some of the products you can get through our service:

  • Payday Loans – These are short-term loans you apply for with a promise to repay on your next paycheck. At 1stAmericanLoan.com, we connect you with top lenders when you need money quickly. Payday loans are ideal as you can get approved in under 30 minutes. Typically, lenders transfer the cash to your checking account within 24 hours, but you can request to receive the money on the same day if you need it immediately. While applying for payday loans, it’s important to understand the interest charged. Our platform helps you compare deals from different lenders, which means you can find the most suitable deal when you need money. It’s important to know the amount you can afford to repay as the debt must be paid off on your next paycheck to avoid penalties and late fees.
  • Installment Loans – If you want a loan option that gives you a flexible repayment solution, installment loans are a recommended choice. In this category, you are allowed to repay the loan over several months. This means you can easily integrate the debt into your monthly budget. Use a loan calculator to confirm the amount you can repay when you borrow. The monthly interest on these loans can also be lower as it’s spread across several months.
  • Title Loans – If you have a car and you’re facing a financial emergency, a title loan is an ideal solution. These are loans that use your car title as collateral. Because the loan is secured, you can qualify for a high amount, and the interest rate is lower than payday loans. However, you must understand you could lose your vehicle if you default on the loan. Read the lender’s terms and conditions to understand what would happen in case you’re late on repaying the loan.
  • Bad Credit Loans – Having bad credit should not lock you out of options for credit. We link you up with lenders who can offer you cash with no credit check. Most direct lenders listed on our service don’t perform hard credit checks when reviewing your loan request.
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